Who is Gravity espresso?

Who is Gravity espresso?

logoCoffee Geek[noun]

A coffee expert or enthusiast who is believed to be overly intellectual and/or accomplished in their technical pursuits, but deemed to be socially inept (a term of pride as self-reference, but considered offensive when used by others).

GRAVITY ESPRESSO is a Melbourne company, with its feet well planted in local culture, yet its head in the clouds. The small devout team of enthusiasts is continually in pursuit of the ‘god in the cup’ moment. From the roaster to the cup you can expect an unrivalled consistency across all blends with a forgiving nature. Expect sophistication in the mouth, coffee you will remember.

 Zenith Coffee (our blend)

A medium roast with excellent complexity and a smooth aftertaste, this blend works well in both espresso and milk coffees. Especially blended for versatility, Zenith is a strong, full-bodied espresso coffee, with pleasant caramel notes and a clean finish.

Countries of origin:
Costa Rica
Indonesia (Washed Robusta)

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